St. Maries Gazette Record – Rep. Paulette Jordan

Paulette Jordan

Representative Paulette Jordan said she is ready to continue the fight for the good of her district.

Coming from a rural background, she knows the challenges facing Idaho citizens today. She has lived in Benewah County all her life and has used her knowledge of her community’s needs to inform her decisions during her two years in the legislature. Coupled with her tenure on Coeur d’Alene Tribal Council, she believes she has the experience necessary to represent her community.

“Compassion in leadership is rare, and I believe it is my greatest strength,” she said. “I believe government is best when limited and closest to the people, and that has been my practice in every leadership role I have maintained.”

Education funding has been in the public eye this year, with rural districts around the state struggling to keep up with wealthier districts. Rep. Jordan sees that the state is not adequately supporting its schools and hopes to help change that.

“Idaho can do better to allocate the appropriate general fund resources to achieve the needs of our schools,” she said. “Our children deserve a fighting chance to compete within the fast-growing modern world.”

Rep. Jordan has also been vocal about her support for expanding Medicaid to cover Idaho’s “gap population,” who cannot afford private insurance but also earn too much to qualify for aid.

“The insurance gap currently disservices 78,000 Idahoans, including over 10,000 veterans currently without medical coverage,” she said. “It is a travesty to every Idaho citizen stricken of the right to access quality healthcare and an undue burden on taxpayers.”

When it comes to the control of Idaho’s public lands, Rep. Jordan holds to her belief that local government is the best form of governance. She strongly believes in local control of public lands and said she has voted repeatedly against legislation brought before the house to limit it. However, when asked about the fate of federal-controlled lands in Idaho, she argued that removing federal control completely might not be in Idaho’s best interests.

“I have yet to find a practical perspective as to why the option would be feasible,” Rep. Jordan said. “We’re not equipped as a state to manage those public lands without ultimately giving in to the highest bidder seeking to buy lands currently utilized for hunting, fishing or other recreational use. I believe Idaho’s public lands must stay in public hands to maintain the best interest of every Idahoan.”

Rep. Jordan will run against challenger Carl Berglund in the Nov. 8 election. She seeks to continue supporting her constituents by charting the course she believes is best for her community, regardless of political climate.

“I don’t believe in falling in line with all the political party or campaign rhetoric,” Rep Jordan said. “I stand independently to be a strong, pragmatic voice. Our people deserve to have a representative that does not bend to political or big corporate interests. I am returning to continue to serve our community in the best way possible, with a fiscally conservative mind and an open heart to listen to the people directly”

To learn more about Rep. Jordan’s campaign, visit her website at, contact her by email at, or by mail at P.O. Box 611, Plummer, ID 83851.