Letters to the Editor: No thanks for the memories

No thanks for the memories

It’s always fun to reminisce about old things, but not when it comes to thinking back to what Thrya Stevenson did when she was an elected official.

Remember when she held two elected offices (Lewiston city councilor and state legislator) at once? Or remember when she said she’d step down from the same city council after the election, then didn’t?

Maybe you remember when she was reprimanded by her own party and the speaker of the House for attacking respected Rep. John Ruche and his character? There’s also her vote against accepting millions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid and save lives of our loved ones and fellow Idahoans.

Also, her votes for education, which did nothing to actually improve education and left 95 percent of districts still needing supplemental or emergency levies just to open doors.

Stevenson is not the person I need representing me, representing my children and grandchildren and representing us as citizens of District 6.

Lovetta Eisele