Letters to the Editor: Backs Blakey

Letters to the Editor: Backs Blakey

Backs Blakey

Who are the candidates for state representative, seat 6A?

There is no incumbent for that office – although one advertises for “re-election” to that office. That is somewhat misleading to the citizens of Nez Perce and Lewis counties. It gives the impression of an incumbent.

That same person was defeated for that office two years ago and, while holding that office legally, also maintained a seat on the Lewiston City Council. Now that’s what I call double-dipping into the taxpayers’ pocket.

We now have a choice between a shady politician and an honest person running for the office.

His name is Bob Blakey. …

I first met Bob about six or seven years ago when he was introduced to our local cowboy action shooting club. …

He learned well, and is now an active and top shooter in our club as well as the Dayton, Wash., group. He is a member of the Lewiston Pistol Club and the National Rifle Association. …

He ran for a seat on the city council and won. He worked tirelessly with the city and county in bringing an end to the Urban Renewal Agency lawsuit, successfully saving the taxpayers a bundle of money.

He will relinquish his city council seat when elected to the state House of Representatives, seat 6A.

For these reasons, I and my fellow cowboy shootists urge you to vote for Blakey on Nov. 8. To use a phrase from our cowboy group, “He’s a good man to ride the river with.”

Jim Sanderson