Letter to the Editor: Picks Rusche

Picks Rusche

Lewiston-Tribune | October 1, 2016

I know that it seems as though during an election there are so many claims, statements, promises, lies, misstatements, half truths, veiled truths, honest credentials and service that sometimes it’s difficult to find the nuggets of information we can believe and trust, but this I know is true – Dr. John Rusche is the real deal.

He didn’t come to an understanding of the health care needs of our community, state, county and nation because of his own issues but because in his soul, heart and mind, he’s a physician caring for the needs of those he now serves in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Rusche has been involved in the battle for funding for drug and alcohol programs for 12 years, and state leadership listens because they respect his training and service.

Rusche isn’t a “Boise Boy” because he isn’t a boy; he’s our representative for Nez Perce and Lewis counties.

You’ve seen John and his wife, Dr. Kay Rusche, at the county fair, the tractor pull, the Shebang Days, public forums and your door.

That’s the kind of service and attention we get from my choice for Idaho House seat 6B -Dr. John Rusche.

Liz Chavez