Blakey: Issues Debate Challenge

Blakey: Issues Debate Challenge

During the campaign season, there are so few opportunities to address the public in group settings. There are even fewer opportunities for the public to ask each local candidate questions in the same room and allowing the public to judge our responses for themselves.

These public debate opportunities are rare and very precious to myself as a candidate.

But one of these opportunities has been squandered after my opponent refused to accept a debate neutrally moderated by Lewis-Clark State College and the Lewiston Tribune.

I have been excited and anxious to attend two debates, but that will not be the case.

My opponent would rather hide in the shadows than come to a debate.

I thought things like this only happen on the national level.

For what it is worth, I will debate Thyra Stevenson anywhere, any time.

Heck, I’ll even release my tax records and medical information.